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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Action Planning Tool

Action Planning –Stacy Williams
Goal: What is the relationship between students who were part of a Transitional-First Grade (T1) class or retained in early elementary and their success at the end of middle school or in high school?
Action Steps(s):
Person(s) Responsible:
Timeline: Start/End
Needed Resources
Identify students who were in Transitional 1st, retained during K, 1st, or 2nd.

Stacy Williams
March 2013
Student names, birthdates and current grade of student from perm cards or admission forms
Is there sufficient data for the study?
Locate and organize OCCT testing data from middle school

Stacy Williams and Pam Lucas-Middle School Principal
April 2013
OCCT Test Results for each class from 8th grade to 2012 Seniors

Actual test data
Obtain Class Rankings from High School

Stacy Williams and Curtis Moses-High School Counselor and Carl Johnson-H.S. Principal
April 2013
Class Rankings for 2013 Seniors through 2008 Seniors who were identified
Actual class ranking-Any noticeable patterns in class ranking?
Research retention and Transitional 1st papers
Stacy Williams
May - June 2013
Computer and internet to perform research
Literature review to get ideas on how to organize results
Research 8th grade OCCT test score and categories for each student and average test score of the class in Reading and Math

Stacy Williams
May 2013
OCCT Test Results for each class and identified students from 8th grade to 2012 Seniors
Actual test score categories-Any noticeable patterns in rankings?
Calculate the quartile ranking of identified group of students at end of senior year
Stacy Williams
Curtis Moses- H.S. Counselor
May 2013
Class Rankings for 2013 Seniors through 2008 Seniors
Actual class ranking by quartile -Any noticeable patterns in rankings?
Survey of parents of students who were retained or in a T1 class
Stacy Williams

May 2013
Surveying questions, survey instrument, email
Parent response and noticeable trends
Survey of students identified as retained or in a T1 class
Stacy Williams
May 2013
Surveying questions, survey instrument, email
Student response and noticeable trends
Compile, analyze,  results
Stacy Williams
June – July 2013
Research, survey,  and data collected: Computer/software
Compare test scores and ranking to research data
Report and share results in staff meeting and parent conferences
Stacy Williams, teachers, Cindy Harrison, Principal
August 2013 and ongoing
Written Report and oral feedback from administration and teachers and parents


  1. Hi Stacy, I find your topic interesting. Will you be looking mainly at middle and high school students that were retained in elementary? At first look I thought you would be looking at elementary students but then your research would not conclude until years down the road. Is there any way for you to determine if some middle / high students who are not performing well maybe "should have been retained" in elementary school? I'm just curious exactly what data you will be comparing that might show how being retained hindered or helped the students and these are questions that came to mind. Your plan is well organized and thought out! Best of luck in your research.

  2. Stacy, I love your topic. I am an interventionist on an elementary campus PK-3rd grade. We always struggle this time of year as we begin to have retention conferences with parents. One thing I would consider is when you are looking to survey parents of students who were previously retained or were in the T1 program, you may want to make sure that the parents were not upset about the retention or whatever final decision was made. Every now and then we end up with parents who are not happy about the decision and I would hate for you to ask them to complete a survey and then have them upset all of over again. Just a thought...I can't wait to follow your research!

  3. Stacy, I think your topic sounds great. We have a transitional kinder class on our campus. It would be interesting to see the comparisons. Your plan looks very well organized and planned. Good luck :)

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  5. Stacy, your topic is very interesting. Will you be looking at the more immediate affects of early retention on students as well? I wonder how early retention effects student motivation.

  6. Hi Stacy, great plan! I don't know much on the topic since I'm a HS person, but I do know this is a hot topic amongst my friends with small children approaching the Kindergarten year. I bet your survey results are going to be fascinating. I'll be interested to follow and see what you learn!