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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Personal Logo

As a contrast element, I used colors that are opposite on the color wheel and place two contrasting borders in opposing colors and shapes.  The blue is my favorite color and orange represents my favorite sports team.  For repetition, I used a script “S” and then inverted it in the design.  Also, all four corners are simple and the same which shows both repetition and alignment.  For alignment, my last name is centered from top to bottom and from left to right and each corner is rounded in blue.  For proximity, I kept my first initial close to the first part of my last name. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Reflection on Lisbon Hebrew Bible and C.R.A.P. Elements

My first impression was that the manuscript was beautifully written and illustrated with a form that is as relevant today as it was then.  The Lisbon Bible demonstrates many C.R.A.P. elements of design.  It was interesting to see such scholar’s work from so long ago demonstrate the same elements of design we use today.  I enjoyed the audio notes which explained so of the foreign writing that I did not understand.  For instance, the text is framed in two concentric frames on one of the pages and similar frames are on the page before it.  Also, a centered six-petal flower surrounded by concentric circles is an element of repetition and alignment.  The text is gold and provides written lists which show left alignment and proximity because the information is located similar information.  The frames are a stark contrast to the gold writing.  All four elements are shown.  The authors helped us understand the importance of the documents by the intensive amount of art on the page and the gold writing which took painstaking work to create.