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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Week 2 Reflection-Action Research

As I reflect over the last week, I have learned that the opportunities for action research abound.  I found no shortage of possible topics for action research.  In fact, sometimes it became difficult to decide which inquiry to complete first. Inquiry was modeled for me as I conferenced with my principal.  She probed me with further questions on each topic that I proposed until we narrowed it down to one inquiry with resonated with her.  This question “What is the relationship between students who were part of a Transitional-First Grade (T1) class or retained in elementary and their success at the end of middle school or in high school?”  I can see how the answer to this action inquiry may be a jumping off point for other similar action inquiries.

As I connected the assigned reading from Dana in Chapter 2 to everyday life in a school, I noticed that almost any part of a principal’s day can lead to an action research question.  I think administrators can often collaborate with teachers and other principals to conduct inquiries of the most important topics. Principals as part leadership groups should conduct ongoing action research.  I also noticed that teachers already do a tremendous amount of action research in the curriculum area or for the individual student although it may not be written up in a formal report.

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  1. Stacy - I feel the same way. It seems like every decision an administrator makes could benefit from some action research. I'm glad that we have this course to help us with laying a foundation for conducting action research.