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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Research Action Project Update March 2013

The focus of this action research revolves around this question: What is the relationship between students who were part of a Transitional-First Grade (T1) class or retained in elementary and their success at the end of middle school or in high school? During the last few weeks the process of gathering data has started. I meet with the middle school principal who is also interested in the data and conclusions that may be drawn as the research progresses. The middle school counselor provided access to the testing data. Data from 2009 state test was not located at that time, but it can still be found through individual results. I have begun to organize the data by student and student’s birth date to compare with the normal age for the class. Then I will be able to determine the reason for the age discrepancy. Next, I plan to list the achievement data by grade. I hope that trends will develop as more data is gathered. I still need to meet with the high school principal and counselor to acquire data from that site. I have scheduled a meeting to begin that portion of the data gathering process. Everyone involved in the process thus far has been curious about the action research question and helpful in the process. I plan to do the bulk of the research and analysis during the summer months. At this time there are no changes to this plan. I am considering whether it would be wise to focus on a single subject area for achievement results, or whether possibly Math and Reading would provide sufficient data and results.

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  1. Looking good, Stacy! Looks like you are right on track. Good work!