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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekly Webconference Reflection

After some technical difficulties, Dr. Borel demonstrated flexibility and continued her web conference through another channel. Emails were sent to our site supervisors. My site supervisor indicates that she filled mine out and sent it back. Questions were also clarified concerning the internship logs. Dr. Borel used an old Power Point since the new one would not save correctly and she could not show us. The old one was beneficial to us, but she let us know this was not up to her level of expectation. She seems to like to run an expedient meeting that sticks to a purpose. This week’s purpose was to review expectations and help us answer a few of the APA questions. Her guidance was helpful, but using the APA style is difficult and cumbersome. It took quite some time to look up how to do the citations and then I’m still unsure of myself.

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